Digital Marketing Trends in Canada

Canada has been home to some of the most innovative minds in the IT industry and start-ups and digital businesses continue to thrive here.  But what does it take to get your start up off the ground or take your business to the next level?  Here are some digital marketing and Calgary SEO  trends taking place in the Canadian markets right now that all entrepreneurs should be paying attention to.

  1. Mobile is more important than ever! If you’ve been ignoring the growth in mobile traffic the last few years it’s time to pay attention.  If you study your analytics you’ll find most sites see more mobile traffic than desktop traffic.  Although a responsive site is a good start you’ll need to do better than that looking forward, build sites with the mobile user in mind not the desktop user.
  2. Time to make a video! Video advertising will continue to grow and outperform static ads, it’s now more affordable than ever to put together video advertising and it’s not just big companies jumping on the video bandwagon.  Video still needs some compelling content and must still be optimized but the ROI makes it worth it.
  3. Hybrid advertising is the new black.  The line between content and advertising will continue to blur and many companies have cashed in on the phenomenon.  Creating advertising campaigns, built around storytelling which creates a melding of advertising and content, will offer huge opportunities for companies to build their brands.
  4. Automation is your friend. Automating tasks is the secret to scaling your marketing efforts and there are tons of tools out there to help you do it, you don’t need big budgets or lots of technical skill to set-up automation.  Think of sites like Hootsuite, that allows you to automate social media posts or IFTTT that takes automation to a whole new level.  Both of these are accessible for a low cost, leveling the playing field between big business and small solopreneurs.
  5. Content is king…err sorta. For years every digital marketing firm has maintained the mantra “just create good content” and you will be rewarded.  That wasn’t true 5 years ago and it’s not true now.  Yes, you do need good content but you still need to get it in front of an audience and many companies don’t have large enough followings to give their content the reach they want.  The solution…pay for it.
  6. Analyze, analyze and then analyze some more. Every piece of data that you collect from your customers tells a story and you need to be able to understand it.  The better you understand your customer and what they want the easier it will be to market it to them.
  7. Time to get interactive. Interactive content encourages your customers to engage with it and not just skim it over.  Get used to producing infographics, quizzes, contests and surveys these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Interactive content allows potential customers time to interact with your company and products long before you ever ask them to buy your product or service.
  8. Some great local Businesses that know how to take advantage of Digital advertising examples are:



Here is a video explaining interactive content and how you can use it in your business: