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Advantages of living in Atlantic Canada

Advantages of living in Atlantic Canada are numerous. Canada’s East Coast is made up of four provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Located on Canada’s most eastern coast, our region is a natural wonderland. Advantages of living in Atlantic Canada include the forests, farms, fresh water rivers, numerous national and provincial parks and marvelous ocean vistas. Activities include camping, boating, hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, cycling, sailing or snowmobiling.

One of the real Advantages of living in Atlantic Canada is the people. Although primarily from English, Irish, Scottish and French descent, our unique east coast upbringing has created a culture all our own. We are family-oriented, community-minded, and hard working, you’ll quickly realize we are fast to lend a hand, to share a laugh or to break some bread with a new acquaintance.

Diversity is part of our heritage. Not just in our economy, but in every part of life. You can see it on the streets where heritage buildings stand side-by-side with modern architecture. Taste it at the local market. Hear it in cafés, parks or on campus.

Advantages of living in Atlantic Canada include convenient travel. We’re closer to Europe than any other point in North America making it easy to fly back for business or pleasure from one of four international airports. Travelers can easily connect by air, rail, ferry and highways to the rest of Canada and the United States. There are 21 universities and colleges here, more per capita than any other region in Canada. Your children can get a higher education and a good job, close to home.



“You will enjoy the musical talent, and be intrigued by the vibrant art community.”
- Martin Verhoeks (Country of Origin: Switzerland)



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