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Move to New Brunswick

Canada’s East Coast offers people who want to Move to New Brunswick with a world of opportunity.  People who want to Move to New Brunswick can realize their dream of a life in a new country will find it on Canada’s East Coast. Canada’s East Coast is made up of four provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The region is a natural wonderland with forests, farms, fresh water rivers, numerous national and provincial parks and ocean vistas.
Living on Canada’s East Coast means you can go camping, boating, hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, cycling, sailing, snowmobiling and so much more.

You will realize that even though the region possesses numerous natural wonders, our real treasures are the people who reside here. Residents are primarily from English, Irish, Scottish and French descent, but an east coast upbringing means being part of a culture all our own. We are Family-oriented, community-minded, and hard working and if you Move to New Brunswick you’ll learn we are quick to help, share a laugh or to break some bread with a new acquaintance.


“You will enjoy the musical talent, and be intrigued by the vibrant art community.”
- Martin Verhoeks (Country of Origin: Switzerland)



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